St Martin's Churchyard

Wildlife Survey undertaken by volunteers during 2017

On behalf of St Martin's PCC -  a big thank you to all the volunteers and for the marvellous collation of this work by Anne Marie Fereday






St Martin’s Churchyard, Eynsford - Wildlife Survey 2017









Fauna etc


Aconite buds opening (middle section)

One wren (front section) and three chaffinches (front section), flock of greenfinches (front section to middle section). 2 grey squirrels in cedar & yew trees (middle section). 2 hibernating Roman snails in ivy (back section)


First volunteer survey carried out

Dandelion, ivy, snowdrops, foxglove, moss in grass, speedwell, Winter aconite and Snowdrops (middle section). naturalized primroses (middle section). Winter heliotrope in flower since early December (back section). Green alkanet, snowdrops, cyclamen, sycamores, Hop, Hazel catkins in hedge, yellow aconites, ground ivy, cow parsley, ivy, lords-and-ladies, tutsan, wood avens (rear section)

White dove, (front section), Thrush near border (middle section). Wren (middle section). Centipede, orange woodlice, black slug, orange/brown jelly fungus, brown snails (middle section). Honey bee on aconite (back section).

Rear section; wood pigeon, roman snail, lots of jackdaws, blackbird, pied wagtail, grey squirrel.


Second volunteer survey, area unspecified.

Violets (dark Purple), celandines, daffodils, almond blossom, primroses, sycamore, bramble, dock, hazel (catkin), periwinkle

Fox under yew at front of churchyard. Blue tit, evidence of sparrowhawk (feathers), shield bug, wasp(?), blackbird. Jackdaw, buff-tailed bumble bee, collared dove, ladybird, brimstone butterfly, bee fly, wood pigeons, magpie, tree bumble bee, solitary nesting Ichneuman wasp, at least two pipistrelle bats


Front section; Violet, elder, thistle, hop

Middle section; bluebell, buttercups (bulbous and meadow, cats-ear, lesser celandine, creeping cinquefoil, cleavers, cow parsley, daisy, dandelion, dead nettle, tet-a-tete, columbine, tulip, crocus, white briony, garlic mustard, ground elder, ground ivy, herb-robert, honesty, lords-and-ladies, ladies smock, honeysuckle, mahonia, elder, geranium macrorhizum, Spanish bluebell, common nettle, ox-eye daisy, primrose, common ragwort, prickly sow-thistle, ivy-leaved speedwell, pellitory of the wall, winter aconite, stinking iris, hellebores, wood forget-me-not, tutsan, broad-leaved willow herb, wood avens, yarrow, lesser wood violet,

Rear section; Horse chestnut seedling, bluebell, cow parsley, ivy, honesty, bramble, old-mans-beard, forget-me-not, lords-and-ladies (cuckoo pint), white dead nettle, gooseberry, couch grass, cleavers, bed straw, elderberry, sycamore, hazel, honeysuckle,

Hover flies, wood pigeon, blackbird, bumble bee, roman snail, chaffinch, speckled wood butterfly


Front Section; Dense-flowered fumitory,honeysuckle, hazelnuts forming, buttercups, wild geum, herb Robert, cow parsley, daisies, ladies bed-straw, lords-and-ladies, Jack-by-hedge, bluebells, ragwort, White Briony, staghorn, sumac, elderberry flowers, docks, Ivy-leaved toadflax, ground ivy, borage, Hedge bedstraw, creeping buttercup, greater celandine, creeping cinquefoil, field forget-me-not, garlic mustard, common mouse-ear, greater plantain, ribwort plantain, Germander speedwell, Green alkanet, Hedge bedstraw, bramble, cats ear, Lesser celandine, cleavers, white clover, dandelion, white dead nettle, horehound, garlic mustard, Ivy, field madder, common ragwort, Wall Speedwell, spear Thistle, hop trefoil, broad leaved willow herb, yarrow, false brome, red fescue, Smooth meadow grass, couch grass, grey sedge

Middle section; Borage, Hedge bedstraw, creeping buttercup, greater celandine, creeping cinque foil, Daisy, field forget-me-not, garlic mustard, ground Elder, Lords and ladies, common mouse ear, Common nettle, greater plantain, RibWort plantain, germander speedwell, wood avens.

​Rear section; herb Robert, hedge woundwort



3 white doves, (front, 1 collared dove, (rear), 1 collared dove and one squirrel (front), dead red fox (rear), Roman snails (front), hybrids (rear), frog (middle)

Rear Section; Roman snail hybrid and true, honeybee, small brown/cream snail, midges, eight spot ladybird, jackdaw, holly blue butterfly, peacock butterfly, small black spider, buff tail bumble bee, wasp, middle section - magpie, Roman snail, ladybird,



Thyme attracting bees and butterflies, Middle Section ;

Red clover, white clover, Daisy, dandelion, field forget-me-not, Ivy, greater plantain, Germander speedwell, buttercup, grasses, corn flowers. Rear section; Herb Robert, Hedge wound wort, buttercup, violet leaf, campanula, Cow parsley, nettles, dandelions, forget-me-not, sycamore seedlings, rose, common stalks bill, fumitory, creeping cinquefoil, Daisy, orange hawkweed (hieracium aurantiacum), broad leaf willow herb, white clover, common hawkweed.

Front section; Bees, blackbird, swifts, baby collared dove,

Four ringlet butterflies and one meadow brown at rear, Parakeet and jackdaw 




Middle section; green alkanet, hedge bedstraw, field bindweed, bramble, creeping buttercup, cats-ear, creeping cinquefoil, cleavers, white clover, cow parsley, daisy, Ivy, wood dock, dandelion, ash seedlings, dogwood seedlings, broad-leaved dock, garlic mustard, ground elder, ground ivy, autumn hawk-bit, smooth hawks-beard, Herb Robert, common knap-weed, common mallow, black nightshade, common nettle, Scarlet Pimpernel, broadleaved plantain, ribwort plantain, self-heal, common sorrel, smooth sow-thistle, prickly sow-thistle, petty spurge, old-man’s-beard, short-fruited willow-herb, Yorkshire Fog, white briony, sycamore seedlings, small-flowered willow-herb, sweet violet, wood avens, false brome, cocks-foot, meadow fescue, annual meadow-grass, couch grass, false-oatgrass,

Rear section; Alkanet, white convolvulus, ragwort, Herb Robert, curled dock, white bryony, honeysuckle, enchanters nightshade, broad-leaved willowherb

Song thrush, 2 squirrels, 8-10 swifts (Front section), red admirals

Rear section; Roman snail, speckled Wood butterfly, hoverflies, Blue tit, foxes and cubs, Wood pigeon, solitary wasp, Meadow Brown butterfly, small white butterfly, bumblebee,

Middle section

Roman snails x2.




Front section; Heath bedstraw, field bindweed, bramble, ivy, cleavers, creeping buttercup, creeping cinquefoil, white clover, common comfrey, daisy, dandelion, black Briony, field forget-me-not, ground ivy, groundsel, Herb Robert, common knap-weed, common mallow, black Medick, common nettle, ox-tongue hawk-weed, broadleaved plantain, ribwort plantain, common ragwort, common Rock-rose, self-heal, common sorrel, smooth sow-thistle, prickly sow-thistle, petty spurge, pellitory-of-the-wall, shepherds purse, broadleaved willow-herb, wood avens, yarrow, Maiden-hair fern, Burnet saxifrage, autumn hawkbit, fools parsley.

Rear section; Alkanet , Lords-&-ladies with orange berries, red dead nettle, couch grass, field bind weed , Ash and sycamore seedlings, petty spurge, broad leaved willow herb, wild Rose, herb Robert, common knot grass, hop.


Middle section; robin in rose garden frog on side of vestry door

Rear section-

Wren near olive seal hall, Buff tailed bee, small white butterfly, common frog, wood louse, capsid big, banded snails.






No survey supplied



Front section

Fairy ring, lepista serdido fungus, Bramble, procumbent pearl wort, male fern, maidenhair, thale cress

​Middle section

Ivy, ground Elder, mushroom/toadstools (Brown gills), Mallow, alkanet, companula, white Briony, hedge bedstraw, primulas

Rear section

Campanula, wild geum, Rose hips, Mallow, Primroses, cyclamen, dogwood flowers, Thistle (yellow flower), ivy flowers, blackberries, creeping buttercup, mushroom type fungus, corydalis, herb Robert , mushrooms x 2, Hedge wound wort (purple flowers)


Fox poo

Common frog disturbed while cleaning gullies , hopped off to A1 area (front section)




Rear section 

Winter sweet in flower on Olive Seal bank, primrose out on grave







Lichen Survey


Lichen, photographer M Gee

Lichen records from Eynsford churchyard  Main survey Ishpi Blatchley and Joyce Pitt 1989; further visit by Ishpi Blatchley in 2010
  Date BLS Number Lichen name Conservation Eval Substrate church yard Small scale habitat    
  2010 0038 Agonimia tristicula LC Bry X   over moss    
  1989 0212 Amandinea punctata LC   Cort+Lig   Y Sycamore    
  1989 0103 Aspicilia calcarea LC Sax X Y Limestone    
  1989 0113 Aspicilia contorta subsp. hoffmanniana DD  Sax X Y Limestone    
  2010 0165 Bilimbia sabuletorum LC Bry X   over moss    
  1989 0200 Buellia aethalea LC   Sax   Y Sandstone headstone    
  1989 0219 Buellia ocellata LC   Sax   Y Sandstone headstone    
  1989 0239 Caloplaca aurantia LC   Sax X Y Limestone headstone    
  1989 0247 Caloplaca citrina LC   Sax X Y Limestone    
  1989 0250 Caloplaca decipiens LC   Sax   Y      
  1989 0259 Caloplaca flavescens LC   Sax X Y Limestone    
  2010 2315 Caloplaca flavocitrina LC Sax X   Limestone    
  2010   Caloplaca oasis LC Sax   Y limestone headstone    
  1989 0277 Caloplaca saxicola LC   Sax X Y Limestone    
  1989 0281 Caloplaca teicholyta LC   Sax X Y limestone headstone    
  1989 0291 Candelariella aurella f. aurella LC   Sax   Y      
  1989 0296 Candelariella medians f. medians LC   Sax X Y limestone    
  1989 0298 Candelariella vitellina f. vitellina LC   Sax+Lig   Y Sandstone headstone    
  2010 1880 Carbonea vitellinaria # LC  Lic   Y      
  1989 0491 Diploicia canescens LC   Sax X Y limestone, brick retaining wall    
  1989 0496 Diplotomma alboatrum LC   Sax X   Limestone    
  2010 0500 Dirina massiliensis f. sorediata LC   Sax X   mortar    
  2010 0582 Hypogymnia physodes LC   Sax   Y Sandstone headstone    
  1989 1013 Hypotrachyna revoluta LC   Sax   Y Sandstone headstone    
  2010 0613 Lecania cyrtella LC   Lig   Y seat    
  1989 0616 Lecania erysibe LC   Sax X Y Limestone    
  1989 0627 Lecanora albescens LC   Sax X Y Limestone    
  1989 0635 Lecanora campestris subsp. campestris LC   Sax X Y lm sc; lm hd    
  2010 0639 Lecanora chlarotera LC   Lig   Y seat    
  2010 0640 Lecanora conferta LC   Sax X   mortar    
  1989 0643 Lecanora conizaeoides f. conizaeoides LC   Sax+Lig   Y wooden cr    
  1989 0646 Lecanora dispersa LC   Sax+Lig X Y Limestone    
  1989 0661 Lecanora muralis LC   Sax+Lig   Y Sandstone headstone    
  1989 0667 Lecanora polytropa LC   Sax   Y Sandstone headstone    
  1989 0802 Lecidella scabra LC   Sax   Y      
  1989 0803 Lecidella stigmatea LC   Sax   Y      
  1989 0820 Lepraria incana s. lat.   Sax X Y Sandstone headstone    
  1989 1604 Lepraria vouauxii LC   Sax   Y brick retaining wall    
  2010 1020 Melanelixia subaurifera LC   Lig   Y seat    
  2010 1015 Parmelia saxatilis LC   Sax   Y sandstone chest    
  1989 1022 Parmelia sulcata LC   Sax   Y Sandstone headstone    
  1989 1107 Phaeophyscia orbicularis LC   Sax+Lig X Y lm sc; rg hd, br rtw;     
  1989 1112 Physcia adscendens LC   Cort+Sax X Y Limestone, sycamore    
  1989 1114 Physcia caesia LC   Sax   Y lm hd    
  1989 1116 Physcia dubia LC   Sax   Y Sandstone headstone    
  2010 1120 Physcia tenella subsp. tenella LC   Sax   Y Sandstone headstone    
  1989 1127 Physconia grisea LC   Sax   Y limestone headstone, ragstone headstone    
  2010 0732 Placynthiella icmalea LC   Lig   Y seat    
  1989 1139 Placynthium nigrum LC   Sax   Y      
  1989 0572 Porpidia tuberculosa LC   Sax   Y granite headstone    
  1989 1189 Protoblastenia rupestris LC   Sax   Y Limestone    
  2010 1637 Psilolechia leprosa LC   Sax X   metal run off    
  1989 1200 Psilolechia lucida LC   Sax X Y flint, sandstone headstone    
  2010 2070 Punctelia subrudecta s.str. LC Lig   Y wooden cross    
  1989 1266 Rhizocarpon reductum LC   Sax   Y Sandstone headstone    
  1989 1289 Rinodina gennarii LC   Sax   Y      
  2010 1307 Sarcopyrenia gibba var. geisleri # LC   Sax   Y ragstone headstone    
  1989 1322 Scoliciosporum umbrinum LC   Sax   Y sandstone chest    
  1989 0630 Tephromela atra var. atra LC   Sax   Y      
  1989 1415 Toninia aromatica LC Sax X Y Limestone    
  2010 1432 Trapelia glebulosa LC   Sax   Y brick retaining wall    
  2010 1595 Trapelia placodioides LC   Sax   Y brick retaining wall    
  1989 0727 Trapeliopsis granulosa LC   Lig   Y      
  1989 1479 Verrucaria baldensis LC   Sax X Y limestone    
  2010 1871 Verrucaria elaeina LC Sax   Y brick    
  1989 1492 Verrucaria fuscella LC   Sax X Y Limestone    
  1989 1495 Verrucaria hochstetteri LC   Sax   Y      
  2010 1519 Verrucaria macrostoma f. furfuracea LC   Sax X   limestone    
  2010 1502 Verrucaria macrostoma f. macrostoma LC   Sax X   limestone    
  1989 1510 Verrucaria nigrescens f. nigrescens LC   Sax X Y Limestone    
  1989 1518 Verrucaria viridula LC   Sax   Y      
  1989 1526 Xanthoria calcicola LC   Sax X Y limestone headstone    
  1989 2364 Xanthoria candelaria s.str.   Sax X   concrete    
  1989 1530 Xanthoria parietina LC   Sax X Y Limestone, yew    
  2010 1531 Xanthoria polycarpa LC   Lig   Y seat    
    LC Least concern              
    DD Data deficient